Let’s focus on work and see where we go

If your work week is anything like mine, it ends with the feeling that you spend more time there than at home. Our work is an essential part of our lives that kinda makes everything else affordable, so it bears discussion here. Women at work and the way we work and the way we get ahead and the things that hold us back and the matter of our pay are all things  that get talked about A LOT when it comes to feminism. So what is it about our work?

Is it simply wanting to get paid for it? Appreciated? Treated appropriately while we’re there? There are a lot of things to talk about here. In case you missed it, we did discuss work and gender a bit last year. I hadn’t quite worked out the theme system yet nor had I been aware of the problems that other genders face, so these are a bit scattered. Here are the topics that we’ve covered already:
Some statistics on women and work
What is “it all” and who has it?
Perceptions and women in the workplace
Equal Pay
Is it really just a joke?

I’ve already read some books covering this topic that will be used for research as well as have been reviewed here. They are:

I also have a pinboard dedicated to all the interesting things I find within this theme:

Check it out if you want to see some of things that I’ve read and gotten ideas from!

And before you feel I’ve forgotten about you all, there is plenty to be said about the non-binary community and what it means to be “out” at work. I’m doing my research, and am your ally. I know not to talk for you, but I do want include your struggle. If you have any suggestions on how to best ride this line, please send them my way!

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