Do you remember the beauty bias?

I remember them talking a few years ago about how people who are attractive are considered more confident, promoted more frequently and hired more often. I heard something about it on the radio today, of all places. I didn’t get a chance to hear the whole thing, nor could I find more information on the other side of the conversation. The part that I did get to hear was that attractive people are not entirely more likely to get hired. It actually also depends on the type of job and person who hires you. If an attractive man goes up for a job where he would be in competition with the person who hires him, then he is still thought of as being more competent than an unattractive man which makes that person not want to hire him. Conversely, if he is to work for or with that person, than the bias stays in his favor.

I thought it was an interesting difference and worth thinking about. I hope to find the rest of the discussion or an article that might talk about the other side of things. Since women are commonly considered communal, does the same hold true? I couldn’t find the answer to that, but I know it’s out there. For now, though, what do you think about how the beauty bias effects men?

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