A brief announcement

I’m returning to the blogisphere, but not here. This was a great starting blog, but it quickly became too much for me, as mentioned in my last post several months ago. I’d love to come back to it one day, but it’s still a bit too demanding.
I am still a feminist and have continued to try to be a good ally to all equality seekers. I’ve continued to read about gender issues and still have an appetite for it and other social issues, which has prompted me to want to start a new blog, Feminism in Cold Storage.

The new blog focuses specifically on books, which have always been the heart of my research endeavors into the world of feminism and equality. I will be reading as the interest strikes me, so it will likely be disproportionate which is a big reason why I’m making it new instead of trying to reshape this one yet again. Thank you all for your patience as I made my initial entry into both blogging and feminism. If you love to read about feminism and all kinds of equality, join me in the new blog here.