This flawed creature

As is everyone, I am a flawed creature. My intersections are generally fortunate, as in easily accepted by the general public, and I have tried to not take it for granted. I am a heterosexual, ciswoman, and a middle classed mix of Hispanic and white. I’m Hispanic enough to be counted in the minority groups on spreadsheets for companies but white enough to not have faced the specific forms of discrimination that I’ve seen other Hispanics face. In my many workplaces, this has allowed me to contribute to diversity and squash dissention at times. Again, I have been fortunate to have easily accepted intersections among women. Being a woman has always been my biggest “flaw” according to coworkers. But I really have many flaws and even when we see the light, we only see part of it.

As a feminist and egalitarian, I have a tendency to focus on feminist. I have a tendency to ignore the ways in which I do not contribute to the solution but am a part of the kyriarchy. I want to be intersectional but am so hopelessly out of touch with the feminist theory of other races and cultures that it feels like all the research in the world won’t catch me up.

But it will, eventually. I will eventually get there with all cultures if I keep at it. I will get there with all religions, if I keep at it. I will understand class differences and sexual orientation. But even then, I will not fully grasp how they come together to create even bigger barriers. It will not be my lived experience in many ways. I cannot speak for those who are trapped behind those barriers. They have their own voices and experiences.

I have a month dedicated to religion and one for each major gender group (sorry to lump all the non-binary together, but there’s too many to each have a separate month) already, so I will focus on race, sexual orientation, able bodies and class during this month. I will probably not do it evenly and I will probably get it a bit wrong. To be honest, there’s enough going on with each that they could benefit from their own months. I apologize in advance that I will not get this completely right and I will probably not do it complete justice. I will get better, though. I will learn. I will research. I will try.

I’ve already begun some, but it is small. Again, I will not speak for others but I will be reblogging posts that I see that contribute to this theme so that many perspectives can be seen.

I normally include a list of books at the beginning of the month that I’ve already read pertaining to the theme, but everything falls into intersectionalism somehow, so please refer to my book lists. Also, feel free to check out my pinboard for this month:

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