My Promise To You

This is not a rant. It will never be a rant. It is also not solely a feminist blog, I strive to make it as much about feminism or women’s issues as it is about men’s issues, trans issues and all the other non-binary issues. I will try to avoid talking about main stream issues that we get inundated with and big deeper to the smaller parts that create them. Faith for me is an inseparable part of acceptance and tolerance of other views, please know that I mean no disrespect to other religions or beliefs. Opposition is welcome and discourse is encouraged. I will not tolerate offensive language and strive to not offend as well.

1. I will keep to the posting schedule as best as I can.
2. I will not indulge hateful or shaming language.
3. I will improve my approach and neutrality as I get used to minding for it.
4. I will not rant, even when I really want to.
5. I will not blame.
6. I will continue to research the ever-changing landscape of these issues.

This is a conversation, it is meant to be equitable and respectful. It is not a fight. My purpose is to be part of the group that begins a partnership among genders, and, yes, I mean all of the genders.

If there is an everyday issue that you want to talk about, leave a comment. I promise to talk about it or show where I already have. I aim to grow my pinboards to be an inclusive place for all kinds of people to find research, help, inspiration or a place to contribute to these struggles. If you find that I am missing a resource for a group, please suggest one. I am alway open to suggestions that are delivered respectfully.


As a cis-gender heterosexual white woman, I am more prone to seeing struggles, oppressions and biases directed at my group. If I miss something, let me know. If I sound a little privileged at times, let me know. My intent is to cover topics that are important to all gender groups and all the ways gender intersects with our lives. I’m going to not see some things. Awareness is key to making this blog and it’s intent successful, so please help my awareness grow.

Join me again for more on gender issues! You can follow me here, @createparityGoogle+ or like me on Facebook! Each medium contains this site’s content but some of the articles that get shared will vary.


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