Cover Me, I’m Going In-The Controversy Around the Hijab


Choice Choice-original photograph(Kirsten Jacobs)

“I wear my hijab because it is encouraged in the Qur’an, because I don’t feel the need to sexualize or objectify my body in accordance with society…because I want to assert my female Muslim identity.”

This is how Aaliyah* responds to my question “Why do you wear a hijab?” The question becomes important in the context of the controversy surrounding the hijab seen around the world. The hijab, a large square scarf draped over the head and shoulders, is a requirement for Muslim women. The hijab protects a woman’s modesty. The hijab, and other Islamic dress articles, have become the topic of discussion in various feminist circles. Western claims that the Islamic dress code can be viewed as a manner of oppressing and controlling the bodies and sexualities of Muslim women have largely dominated the discourse. But what do Muslim women think?

The hijab has become a…

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