Our Sisters Keeper: The Tremendous Gains & Horrific Tragedies Transgender Women Experience

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Laverne Cox Source: Eric Thayer/Stringer / Getty
The media sensation surrounding Bruce Jenner’s ?transformation? is disgusting. On the most superficial level, it’s a charade that’s completely insensitive and invasive towards Jenner’s process. It’s also completely off base considering that there were plenty of other news stories (good and bad) about transgender women in the past few months that were far more urgent and compelling. The gossip rags can spout about Jenner’s latest hairdo and family drama all they want, but we have to continue to celebrate the accomplishments of our transgender sisters. By the same token, we have to be alert and responsive when we hear of news of their victimization and criminalization by those who are ignorant and driven by malice and discrimination.

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According to the New York City Anti-Violence Project, there were no known murders of trans women by…

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