In search of a greater conservative feminist base


I recently watched this video:

I know it’s a long one and it wasn’t really that recent that I watched it, but there was a concept that was mentioned that I just couldn’t shake. We don’t have a strong conservative base of feminism here in the US, but we have a strong liberal base. There’s nothing wrong with a strong liberal base in it’s own respect, they push on to be more accepting of new ideas and stretch our boundaries. They also have a tendency to run a little wild when not reigned in by a conservative base. Sommers makes an interesting argument and gives an interesting history on a conservative feminism.

Then there’s this video that I had seen some time ago:

I watched it again when I decided to write this post. It further solidifies that we need a larger conservative base. Unfortunately, many who might fill it are unwilling to identify as feminists. They are shying away from the term because of misinterpretations. They don’t even see the point in trying to reign in the interpretations we have of feminism and feminists because they are indifferent to or enraged or intimidated by the radicals and what should be the middle. I would like to be in the middle, but I find myself on the conservative side because there isn’t much of one. I’m not all that conservative, though, and would love to hear from more women who are conservative and feminist. I have seen some women who are traditional and conservative and usually religious who are coming out as feminists. They dare greatly in that much needed territory. We need to find more of them. They’re outlook should define us as much as those who dare greatly on slut walks and escorts at abortion clinics.

Diversity matters in all places in life and feminism is not exempt from that. The more points of view we have to glean from, the more likely we are to create a feminism and an equality that actually works for everyone. Diversity in defining feminism is as important as making a more intersectional feminism, in my opinion.

What do you think will help us diversify what feminism is and engage more women in a conservative and/or middle ground feminist points of view?
( We’re not going to abandon the liberals, so don’t bother suggesting that.)

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