Are you a fixer uppper?

I do love me some Disney. While just about everything from Frozen was great, I want to take a minute to discuss this song:

When I was growing up it seemed like there were an awful lot of movies where a woman was on a quest to change a man. It gave the impression that all men needed fixing in some way. As parents do sometimes, it was my mother who set the record straight. People don’t really change, not the way they’re told to. People grow, but that’s not the same thing. You simply cannot will someone’s personality or pet peeve or anything else to change. They can learn to let things go on their own, but you cannot influence what those things are. They are a totally autonomous person, whether you want them to be or not. Accept or move on.

It was this particular thing that I thought was so great in this song. Smack in the middle of the song, the one troll says “We’re not saying you can change him because people don’t really change.” Then it goes back into fixin’ each other up with love.

Can we really fix each other up?

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2 thoughts on “Are you a fixer uppper?

  1. I agree with what you’re saying, but I do think that the trolls aren’t so much telling her to change him as saying ‘this is what is wrong with him’ in the way that families are wont to do. To me, the song is more about being honest about flaws (hey, who wouldn’t love a bunch of cute trolls to warn you that your partner has an odd habit BEFORE it starts irritating you at three AM?) It will be interesting to see what happens to Kristoff’s character progression in Frozen Fever and any other sequels, because if he continues a relationship with Anna it would be expected for him to live a more formal and ‘proper’ existence: no tinkling in the woods when you live in a castle by the fjord, for example.

    • I’d never looked at it like that but that’s hilarious. It always amazes me how some things that are flaws are to some are perfect for others. Then other things start off great and get irritating over time.

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