I wasn’t going to watch the Oscars

But I did.

I went to get some food and ended up in a spot that was playing the Oscars. I got there just in time to see John Legend and Common win for  Best Song. Their speeches were amazing, and I hadn’t even heard the song yet. I haven’t seen Selma, but I had to look up their Oscar performance as soon as the show was over and WOW. Their win was followed by the amazing performance that Lady Gaga gave that just about sealed the deal on the tear fest that followed.

My night went so that first there was this:

Then there was this:

And after some more wonderful acceptance speeches that dedicated wins to ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, being that strange kid, and a government that Mexico deserve, I had still missed two amazing moments that I went back and had to look up. Of course, after such great acceptance speeches and knowing what Selma was about, I had to go back and see their performance that night. It was breathtaking, check it out.

I also missed this:

Maybe it was all the bad publicity that lead up to this Oscars, or the fact that I didn’t even see most of it, but it seemed like it was a pretty good night after all. It may have been the whitest group of nominees in recent history, as I heard it accused of, but a Mexican won for best director and best picture.

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