Review of Out and Equal at Work: From Closet to Corner Office edited by Selisse Berry

This book was an eye-opener. For starters, it makes a compelling case for being out at work. I had never really thought of it in the terms that so many of these executives do. It is laid out in much the same fashion as Innovating Women where each executive featured tells their personal story. In this book, the personal stories revolve around what compelled them to stay closeted when they were, what compelled them to come out when they did, how they got to their first Out and Equal Summit and the activism that followed. The diverse perspectives were wonderful. Some of these executives are allies, most were in the LGBT community, they represented several races and cultures. Each story was uplifting and gave sound reasons for why those who are closeted should come out, why they don’t and how the rest of us can help. Overall, this book makes it seem like we have come a long way for those in the LGBT community to get the same rights that the rest of us have and that we are on our way to equality, at least in the work sphere of our lives. It ends with 20 steps to an Out and Equal workplace.
Every feminist should read this book. It lays out a lot of ways that this community intersects with feminism and is an important part of our journey toward equality. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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One thought on “Review of Out and Equal at Work: From Closet to Corner Office edited by Selisse Berry

  1. i like your review very much. I had not heard of the book and now that I have i want to buy it, thank you.

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