Due to unusual circumstances, I’ve actually gotten to go see a few movies recently. I’ve seen Big Eyes, Into the Woods and Jupiter Ascending.

If you haven’t gotten to see them yet, you definitely should. I’ll try not to spoil them. In each, there’s a bit of a Cinderella moment, except for Into the Woods where she is a main character. These movies take a minute to ask our Cinderellas what comes next. We forget that Cinderella was a working woman just because she was servant, but that’s work. It’s work that women in the lower classes have always been doing. Prince Charming comes swooping in to fix the problems he assumes Cinderella to have, some stay to make new one’s. It’s all well and good to dream of a new life, especially on the bad days but would you really just drop the one you have?

If Prince Charming came in and made you a princess today, would you really drop your whole life? Would everything about who you are right now really change? Would you let go of the role that you’re used to for a new one that you don’t know anything about? Would you even want him to make all your decisions for you? Would you stop to think about whether you just go to work because you have to or because you get something out of it that you can’t get anywhere else? Would it make you rethink everything?

Or would you rather go back to work, let it all sink in and stop to wonder if it’s really right for you? Would you really want him to take care of you? Or wouldn’t you rather take care of yourself?

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