Some new things

I first saw this on Pinterest and loved it! I figured this was a good place to share it. Here’s the link:

I’m always trying to find ways to improve this site and am kicking around some ideas. Don’t be surprised if some more things change a little.

I’ve spent the last year reading a lot of books on gender and the ways that it relates to everything, and I feel like I’ve caught up a bit. I’ve caught up enough to loosen the reigns on my reading list and get some other stuff in there. I’m limiting my blog related reading to three in theme books a month to fit in some other titles just for entertainment. Sometimes these will be books that can still relate to the blog and will be reviewed but are out of theme and will hopefully make me better able to get in new stuff as it comes out. I’m excited about this change, small as it may be. Other titles may find their way into entertainment posts just as my comics and graphic novels already have. Mostly I just need to slow down the pace a bit and let in a little more of the unexpected things.

Join me again for more on gender issues! You can follow me here, @createparityGoogle+ or like me on Facebook! Each medium contains this site’s content but some of the articles that get shared will vary


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