How far do you want to go?


So far this month, we’ve only talked about ways to take action in the little, everyday parts of life. They are important and add up to a big difference, but it’s not for everyone. Some of us want to branch out or step it up a notch and here are some ways to do just that.

Donate – it may seem small, but donations can go a long way to helping existing organizations fund their projects and continue outreach, helping more communities. There are already people on the ground, helping others and making a difference in lives. They need money to keep the lights on, to feed themselves, their families and the people they rescue or otherwise help. Donations are a big help to organizations in all countries for all kinds of purposes. Over the time that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve heard of the following organizations that require donations:
I’m not particularly good at figuring out which ones are great and which aren’t, so if you hear anything disparaging about any of these, please let me know.

Invest – Investing in companies led by marginalized groups that you want to ally with helps diversify economies, create jobs, and potentially improve markets. The person with the next great idea could be anyone, so we should be listening for it and to more than those who we assume should have the answer based on stereotypes. (for background information on this, refer to Gender, Work and Economy, Innovating Women and Arab Women Rising).
If you’re interested in taking this route, here are a few places to start looking:

Volunteer – there are plenty of organizations that need help in different ways, but they are scattered and not all take volunteers. It’s an option, but not one that I can help you with from where I sit. I know that not many of you are religious, but I have found that churches and missionary groups are usually the places that know these things.

However you choose to oppose the gender disparities and stereotypes that still exist, remember that there are opportunities everyday and for every gender in some way. If you have any suggestions as to what can be added to the pinboards, please send them my way!

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