Reactions and Actions

Loved this post! The act of walking away from bad specializations is HUGE and hard and while we don’t get a cookie for it, nor should we, we could probably all use some of this kind of practice at it.

Roses and Revolutionaries

I have a confession to make: sometimes I get frustrated at social justice spaces online. I get frustrated by all the information that I have no background for, the conversation that at times evolves so rapidly I can’t catch up, the continual learning, the process of over and over realizing that something else is oppressive which I didn’t realize was. It’s a gut reaction, and it’s not one I’m particularly proud of.  And I fully realize, it’s not anyone else’s fault. It’s me, and my past, and my anxiety. So I deal. And I learn. And I grow.

I’m writing this for other people like me, people who come from very sheltered or far-right backgrounds and often feel out of their depth. People with a lot of privilege and a lot of misinformation who are learning to be better and to do better.  People who are socially fragile and sometimes…

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