Review of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth

 This book was dictated by Sojourner Truth to Olive Gilbert and originally published in 1850. Because it predates her most famous speech, “Ain’t I a woman?” the text or story behind it is not included. I have, though, included a reading of that speech by Alfre Woodard.

As a white feminist, particularly one raised in Hispanic surroundings, I have often overlooked the intersection with race as it pertains to the black community. This is something that I strive to correct, but please bare with me. With this intention, I read the Narrative of Sojourner Truth and got a lot more than I expected. I had no idea about so many of her accomplishments, such as wandering the North as a Methodist preacher. In a time when the leadership of women in churches is still such a hot topic, we have this woman in our history, who stopped a riot at a camp meeting with just a hymn because she decided that God would protect her.

She was an amazing woman, known for activism. I read this and realized that she may be one of the bravest women I have ever heard of. Though, she did have fear in her life, she persevered through so much and brought many ideas to us. I wish I had read this sooner in life.

As promised, here is her most famous speech “Ain’t I a woman?” delivered by Alfre Woodard:

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