Wonder Women of History

So I briefly mentioned a few weeks ago that the Wonder Women of History had been an insert in 54 of the original Wonder Woman comics. I can’t get her out of my head ever since reading that book on her, The Secret History of Wonder Woman.

They have their own website now and I love it!

The Wonder Women of History

There is so much great history here and so many great women are showcased that I have never heard of. It really makes me sad that they stopped, but according to the book, it did inspire the women’s history that we learn today. Along this same thread, while looking for the above link, I also came upon this interesting website and video and wanted to share it with you all.

I hope you enjoy it!

On that same note, I heard of this new comic book heroine a few weeks ago and finally got a chance to check her out. Her name is Lady Blackhawke, she’s from DC comics and while she doesn’t have own title, she’s on two teams, Blackhawks and Birds of Prey. Here are the comics I saw her in, and I look forward to more.

For a little of her backstory, she was a pilot during WWII, the only woman on her team and was transported to the future during something called Zero Hour in the DC Universe. She’s part of the Birds of Prey along with Black Canary and Oracle and some other revolving team members. The Birds of Prey issues that is featured above is the first of a two part story arc called “War and Remembrance” where they visit WWII vets with Lady Phantom and Black Canary.

There’s about of news recently in the lack of female superheroes in movies, so I’ve been attempting to get to know some of the other female superheroes in comics. There are plenty, just not many who have reached popularity. In the past, I never really attached to any except Catwoman (I know she’s a villain, but she counts) because they were never all that interesting. I’m not much into Greek mythology, which exempted Wonder Woman and even the love interests, aside from Catwoman again, weren’t all that interesting. They were too damsel in distress despite their powers or mild in some way. Catwoman was the only one that could ride that line between sex object and autonomous being. She does what she wants and for her own reasons. Lady Blackhawke seems like a great addition to interesting female characters and the developments in Lois Lane since Smallville have been promising, as well as the new Ms. Marvel, images for Wonder Woman in the new Superman vs. Batman movie, along with Black Widow’s versatility in the current Marvel Universe. I have to say that I’m also intrigued by how the new Mystique isn’t just a sidekick to either Professor X or Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

But I always did like superhero stories, and it’s been fun to see which of the classically popular heroes my son loves and the he names the people around him when he plays as them.

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