Are you putting your money in what you believe in?

Support comes in many forms, how do

In the world of action, there really are so many options. At the beginning of the month, I discussed the things I learned last year while attempting action and awareness on such issues on my level. For those of us who want to step outside of that level, where we focus mainly on our immediate circumstances, there are infinite options. Last week, I mentioned the first step in leaving our comfort zones, and that is accepting other people’s experience as true, even when different from our own. Another thing we can do is be conscious of what we support and how we support it. Are we saying we want something and not paying for it when we get it?

If I want to see more female superheroes in comics, and I don’t buy the comics they’re in, than what incentive does the creator have in making one? Sure, we can say all day long that they should do it for the social justice, but they need to make up the money it costs to create it at the very least. No one puts things on shelves that don’t get sold off those shelves. So are we asking for things we want or just things we want to see?

I used that example because I really do want more female superheroes and it would be interesting to see some good superheroes of other genders as well. Just because I haven’t seen them, or they aren’t popular, doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. I don’t dive into comics that often, but they’re growing on me. If I see one I like and I want to keep seeing it, my purchase contributes to it’s continued publication. I also try to let people in on the good stuff I see in that way, such as the Ms. Marvel comic I posted about a few months ago.
This goes for all sorts of things, though. Support is great, but what kind of support are you giving? Most people need money more than talk. There are all kinds of foundations out there that could use donations and many that could use an extra hand too. Are you willing to donate or volunteer? Are you willing to buy those things that you speak out for?

I don’t think that money is the sole motivator for all people, but everyone’s gotta eat. If we aren’t willing to buy the things we advocate to see, donate to the foundations doing the work we believe in or volunteer for those places, than what are we really doing?

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