January Updates

I have previously mentioned that I created pinboards for each month. I think they really consolidate what people may be looking for just a touch better. I hadn’t gotten a good opportunity to share my January board this month, which I usually do in the introductory post for the month. It didn’t feel right with the way it was written, but I had this opportunity to do it now. Here it is: http://www.pinterest.com/calavari44/on-taking-action-for-january/

There are some books with suggestions on taking action, some places to donate to that are very active and stuff like that. While there’s plenty that needs to happen at the political/legal level for full gender equality, there’s plenty we can do too as individuals, these are just some places to go if you feel so inclined.

I started a Featured References page a while back so that there was an easy way to access or view any of the media I mention on Wednesdays and for books when reviewed, check it out on the menu bar! I’ve also wiped the book information page and started anew for 2015. 2014’s books are in a subpage under that menu option.

I am away from home again, but this time I get to stay in civilization, thankfully. Because of this, I get to continue my blogging schedule as usual, but also have an opportunity to go to a bookstore and do something that parents rarely get to. I walked around and looked at every book that caught my attention and read some graphic novels and wasn’t rushed at all. I can go to the store with my family, but the rest never happens. That’s life with a pre-schooler, no matter how much he does love books. He’s still a touch too young for reading on his own, so anything that interests him has to be read to him. We still have lots of fun at the bookstore, but I don’t get to look at the sections I want to see or just flip through the pages of books I’m interested in that often. This weekend, I spent like four whole hours in the store and it was kinda glorious in a going-to-the-bookstore kind of way.
I mention this because I looked at both the cultural studies area, which had a women studies section in it, and the military history area and was disappointed. Of course, I found what one might expect to find. Not one book about a woman or women in the military area and not one book exclusively devoted to men, transgender or non-binary people in the whole of the cultural studies area. One might think that men have nothing to do with culture and women have nothing to do with the military. I mean, not one book of each! I know such books have been written, I’ve read and reviewed several on this blog, but this store didn’t have any. I wasn’t surprised but I was disappointed anyway. I love flipping through pages and found several books to add to my pinboards, particularly the one on Intersectionality, but they were only about women. None of the military books that were there were interesting in a way that pertains the blog, but plenty were interesting.
Maybe one day these areas will appear and be populated with books that we already know exist. Even just one book in each would have been better. I’ll have to just hope that they were there and purchased …….

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