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friday fuzzI am a fan of the blog- Call Him Hunter. Like me, she is the mother of a transgender child. I was incredibly moved by a recent post How to be an ally to someone who is transgender– not just because I feel that this can’t be said nearly enough but because of a resource near the end- a very simple sentence that might go unnoticed- “If you are a transgender individual and need an ally, you can click here for a list of Ally Moms.”  The transgender parenting community is a small one- although our numbers are growing, as transgender people are becoming more visible, and I came across the Ally Moms in more than one forum. It’s an important one and I think it needs to be shared.

Here is a quote from the page on Call Him Hunter-

“We are a group of moms

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2 thoughts on “Friday Fuzz- Ally Moms

  1. Thank you for reblogging! All of my Friday Fuzz posts are near and dear to my heart, of course, but this one really means a lot because I feel like it addresses another area where attention is needed and it’s a hard place to fill when it is lacking- the support of a parent.

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