Taking action

I find it interesting to read about gender equality from all the vantage points. One might think that we would all reach for the same things but there are so many sides and so much hate and derogatory speech at each other that it can be hard to see that we work to the same end, essentially. So many of us feel so infringed upon and many are enraged and it can be hard to see the common ground under all those egg shells.

So much of action looks like mudslinging that it’s hard to see that many of us fight ideas and not people.I just wanted to take this time to make expectations clear for the month. This blog will concentrate on individual action this month and finding ways to work together with our counterparts in gender equality. If you are looking for posts on what anyone is doing wrong, you have come to the wrong place. I have no intention on critiquing specific people or groups no matter what they are doing. We must support each other and not treat each other like opposing sides. The opposing side is the people who think nothing is wrong, not the other people who strive to fix it.

Join me again for more on gender issues! You can follow me here,@createparity, Google+ or like me onFacebook! Each medium contains this site’s content but some of the articles that get shared will vary.


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