Things that open

Just as we closed a volume yesterday, today we must open the new one. While it can be fun to talk about resolutions and intentions for this volume, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I had so many intentions at the beginning of this blog that were completely turned on their heads as soon as it started.

Rather than resolving to do more or attempting to commit to do more, let us instead recognize that the best things happen when we resolve to not miss opportunities. We don’t know yet which opportunities will present themselves. Let us not get too bogged down by expected resolutions and plans that we miss the opportunities that can put us in completely new and unexpected places.
That is what I learned from this blog last year and I plan to take into this year with me. Let me be surprised this year and rejuvenated by opportunity. I hope to be presented with more opportunities to say the things I think and act on the things I say here. Let’s begin.

This first thing I want to talk about this year is getting in there and doing what we can to promote gender equality in our lives. We don’t have to make it our main priority in order to make a difference.

Are you ready?

Join me again for more on gender issues! You can follow me here, @createparityGoogle+ or like me on Facebook! Each medium contains this site’s content but some of the articles that get shared will vary.


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