Battling the unknown

So I recently made an Instagram account for the blog to check out what might be possible with it. I hadn’t mentioned it before because I don’t think I could really post to it as I don’t much take pictures for the blog. I mention it now, though, because I did follow some stuff that I am really enjoying.

I followed thewomenofmarvel and dccomicswomen. I started on them whenever the female superhero thing was all over the news more and wanted to get a little more familiar with that development. I’ve admitted to being a nerd here before, but comics aren’t what I would call my “nerd style” even though I go to Megacon and have already posted on superheroes more than once.

I’m just taken aback by the variety of female superheroes that have been created. I only recently ever heard of Starfire and Raven when my son started watching Teen Titans sometimes. It was Lady Blackhawk that made me want to write this post, though. She seems like an incredibly interesting character from the brief description I saw on Instagram. Part of the problem is that there are characters who sound great when some people talk about them and then there is the way their stories are written. I picked up a Wonder Woman comic the other day and was sadly disappointed. I looked over the story and it seemed to be just another jilted lover story where some woman is crazy and attacking another woman. It made me feel talked down to the way that the Catwoman movie did.

A lot of these women have not gotten popular as heroes, but maybe it’s not that they don’t create enough, maybe it’s the writing that comes later. I’ve said before that Catwoman is deliciously complicated. She’s been a villain and an anti-hero in different renditions of her story and Batman’s. She’s a love interest and an enemy. She’s got her own things going on but will join a fight when called. Her stories don’t revolve around Batman as a love interest and being rescued.

I want to start checking out more of these women that I had never heard of because they are interesting to me as characters. I hope the writing pans out better than it did with that Wonder Woman because I think her character can do so much more than ward off a jealous goddess from a pregnant girl. How about a story like the new Ms. Marvel’s? That was a great introduction to a new character that stays interesting. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the new Thor too.

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