Problems with predictability

A few things happened this week that got me thinking about predictability. The first is that since it is Christmas Eve and I mentioned last month that I am a Christian, I suppose it is expected that I would talk about Christmas. I hope you don’t actually want me to do that because I’m not.
I do want to talk about predictability, however. I recently got sucked back into Arrow. I was perusing some YouTube videos and came across this:

Normally, this would be a scene that includes a kiss, so it got me curious. Why isn’t there a kiss? I started fishing around other clips and watched what was still available between Netflix and Hulu and then hit up YouTube for some more missing bits. I had always found Felicity to be an interesting character and a good model of women of tech but it seems to have changed. I love that things have changed. One of the reasons I had stopped watching the show was because of the Oliver/Laurel/Tommy love triangle was not interesting to me and getting way too much screen time. Felicity and Diggle were interesting and  developing but not much. Apparently a lot happened in the roughly two seasons that I missed. Some of it was this:

Okay, then there it is. She just walks away.
She’s an unusually strong character for a superhero love interest. No dangling on a string. She’s just gonna walk away. Of course, she still works for him and has her own story arcs. She even gets an episode dedicated to her own ability to create enemies in season three. I really love what they’re doing here and I hope that she continues to grow as a character. Since that scene, there have been other things that may lead to a storyline that dispels this idea, but I hope they stay a little less predictable this way.

Still, I feel a little predictable and disappointed that it’s the love story that sucked me back in. But at least I didn’t attempt to make something out of a Christmas movie when I wasn’t legitimately inspired.

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One thought on “Problems with predictability

  1. Reblogged this on jennrandomly and commented:
    Interesting take – and I happen to agree that I do relish the fact that Oliver and Felicity’s “relationship” isn’t (or hasn’t until this point) fallen a predictable pattern. Let’s hope it continues!

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