Like a Disney Woman

I was watching Tangled the other day and had a realization about Disney. Sometimes they can really nail what it feels like to be a woman. It was this scene particularly:

Which is about what would happen when I was first getting used to doing things that “girls don’t do.”

But then there are these too:

That is the first time I came along a bunch of guys talking about me.

What I wanna do when a guy is clearly not getting the hint that he is being obnoxious.

And watch Mulan’s face. This is how it felt the first time the guys talked about other women around me. This can be especially depressing depending on the guys because it’s the signal that you have officially been taken off the list of women they would ever wanna be with.

Then there’s the first time I met a guy who was really hot. I mean, I’d rather make this first impression:

But I’m sure that my husband would tell you that it was more like this:

Disney may not have been incredibly progressive in their women, but they definitely let me know that I’m not alone when I feel anxious, irritated, or awkward the way that I do.

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