On Bossypants

I had gotten this book on Audible a while back but didn’t review it then. It was the first book I got on Audible, so I wasn’t quite proficient with it’s features and didn’t manage to bookmark anything. That said, I still wanted to mention it and recommend it even though I don’t think a full review is really possible without reading back through the whole thing. I’ll probably read it again some time, though. It was quite good.

Tina Fey put together a great book that incorporates insight with her own experience. What I mostly appreciated was that she did not write it in such a way that made me feel like I was just reading a documentary. Her book was insightful and fun to read, while recounting some of her life experiences. The things that still stick out in my mind from listening to it several months ago are:

  • it’s okay to be different from the mainstream
  • it’s also good to find people who share in your differences, girls can be “friend-zoned” too (I already knew that from my life but it was nice to see I wasn’t alone)
  • it’s important to recognize who you are and who you aren’t
  • being called bossy can suck at first, but we can embrace it and wear it like a badge of honor
  • get out there and try the stuff you’re interested in, even when it’s stuff that isn’t gender appropriate or normal
  • new mothers can be bullies about mothering, especially when it comes to what women do or should want at that point. let’s put it to rest. not everyone can, will, or wants to breastfeed, for example. let’s bury the hatchet
  • Alec Baldwin is as awesome as he seems like on tv

Taking the time to reflect on life is a good thing. It’s definitely a concept that I have been pondering for a few years now. Getting a chance to do that each month for the blog has been nice, and it’s been fun to prepare the posts for this month as well. One day I hope to be in a position to reflect on a bigger part of my life as Fey has done in her book. I hope to have as much to say that is worth hearing, as much to offer the next generation as she has.

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