On a rare occasion with a son

So my son loves Doc McStuffins. For those not familiar with this show, it is on Disney channel and about a girl who plays doctor by fixing her toys. The toys come to life in the presence of her stethoscope, there’s a song they sing for a check up, it’s a great show. I have attributed it for making my son pretty easy going when it comes to going to the doctor in real life. It’s amazing.

He was at our friend’s house and played with their daughter and her Doc McStuffins set, which he had a lot of fun with. Not surprisingly, he then wanted his own Doc McStuffins set. Not a doctor toy set. Doc McStuffins. We saw one at Walmart that had changed the doctor’s coat by adding pink sequiny lining, which did not phase him one bit. He wanted to be Doc McStuffins.

I knew from a relative that there is a boy equivalent set. The “boy” set features the character Stuffy on it and has all blue toys and no lining on the coat. She had seen it and told me about it well before my son wanted the pink one. As the writer of this blog, I have no problem putting my kid in whatever he wants to wear. I mention it here because as we paid for it and he ecstatically put it on, another train of thought occurred to me.

My son wants to be the main character of this story and doesn’t care that the character is normally female. My son doesn’t seem to notice that he’s wearing pink or that it’s “for girls”. He will not take a substitute for the actual doctor and I have to wonder if it has anything to do with the presentation of the character as a bit of an idiot or his lower status as a toy instead of the doctor. And why should he? Either way, I was put into a situation that is normally talked about for parents of girls. What do we do when our daughters want to be the boy characters? Most people say to just let her be those characters. Obviously, I agree with this train of thought.

Unfortunately, it was soon derailed by his emphatic exclamation that the pink princess cups that we got him (which were the only remaining cups at that store of the kind that we like) are “mommy cups”. He only drank out of them when my parents informed him that I had lent them to him. You win some, you lose some.

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