A time to reflect

While this blog is still a bit under one year old, I think setting December up as a time to reflect is a good plan. The year is winding down and we’re planning for the next one. It’s a good time to take stock of what we have already done and learned. It’s a good time to think about how to go about improving things for the next year. My plan is to take each week of December and reflect on a quarter of the year and how the blog and I came along during that time. We grew together quite a bit, the blog and I. It came from a place in me that felt like I had something to say that people might listen to or want to hear. It still does. It just took a while to really figure out what I was trying to say and accomplish as well as learning where I was wrong and where I hadn’t even looked yet. I believe I’ve made the final touches on my schedule for a long while. I suppose that only time will tell. I still have plans to change the look of the page a bit, but not much.

I invite my readers to come along with me and see the journey we have taken throughout this year together, to take a minute and reflect on such small beginnings, though I’m not big now.



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