We can establish progressive change in our faith

This month we took a look at religion and the way that gender matters in our religious spaces. Faith comes to all, regardless of gender; women are largely silenced but started to be listened to; and we can change both our religions and cultures as we progress toward a more equitable society. I know that I didn’t talk much about those who are not of the binary genders, but religion and culture are both still learning how to handle their existence and have not yet fully integrated them into either. Non-binary people are still among the most marginalized of groups. This should make them the most evangelized to for Christians and any others who believe that all people should be given a chance to have a relationship with God. It’s not about what you think about their lifestyle and whether or not it’s a sin. It’s about welcoming and loving them and inviting them into a relationship with God, no matter the outcome.

Change happens slowly, and it’s going to happen whether you do something about it or not. Those who participate are going to lead the change and it’s going to be in the direction they want it to go in. If you feel silenced, marginalized or unwelcome in your church or religious community, it’s time to be among the participants and make the changes. Not everyone can stomach this, and I understand that. I have tired and worn days too. That’s what makes this my single favorite Christian song ever, it lets me know I’m not alone in feeling the weight of our endeavors, and gives me a good prayer.

The way that we worship and practice faith is made up by people and while it should stay in accordance with the word of the God we worship, that doesn’t leave out the possibility for growth and change alongside that of society.

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