Thank you

So there a lot of songs with the title of Thank you, but this one is my favorite:

I had been thinking about it with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow. I love this song because it was one of the first songs to really hit me with the idea of showing appreciation for the things  and experiences that we learn from, even when they’re bad. I’ve always been more of a lyrics person over just listening to the melody or the beat. This is a problem when trying to feel good about most music these days, but this one is perfect for it. It just makes me feel good to listen to it and remember to be thankful for things.

It hits me right in the feminism because it asks me to be thankful for things that weaken me and to stop the cycle of self-doubt that permeates my life. It asks that we take that extra moment to not forget what we fight for and to let go of the idea that we can control the struggle. I love that she thanks disillusionment. Seeing past the illusion into the truth of things and into the truth of people’s experiences is so important to feminism and gender issues in general. It’s so hard to see experiences from someone else’s perspective and yet so important.

I feel like all the “how bout”s are an idea into realizing another way of treating yourself and others. I always felt like it was a map to a peace that had nothing to do with other people, that it was a way to be okay with yourself and your place in the world without being slowed down by it. While it’s not essentially feminist, I equate it with feminism’s struggle to live in this world but to work for the one we want to be living in.

I’ve also always enjoyed the story behind the song too. It really was written to say thank you to the peace the artist had just found in her life. It was transcendent. Her representation of thankfulness to experience and failure and hope and so much more makes this my favorite thank you song and one that has always left me feeling motivated to carry on the struggle.

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