Review of A God I’d Like To Meet by Bob Edwards

Though this book focuses primarily on the teachings of John Calvin, it pretty greatly debunks the long held assumptions about the subjugation of women in Christianity. At least, that’s how I felt about it. I’ve tried to relay the message this month on how important it is to actually read your religious text and not just take someone’s word for it, but Edwards takes it to the next level. He explains the verses that are used to subjugate and silence women and their full context. He goes back to the translations and the tricky wording that can make it all confusing. He goes all the way back to looking at the rest of the letter that Paul writes and what he says about men too, which begins to paint a different picture of what the intent of the letter was.

It’s a very interesting read and highly recommended for anyone interested in this issue!

For me the main take-aways were: read the Bible yourself, know the context of the verse and overall chapter or letter, make sure the people you listen to on it are reading the actual Bible for their perspectives and not some other sources. Religious teachings should come from our religious texts and other studies should be rooted in the reading of the text and understanding the context of the text and when/where it was written.


Presented here is definitely a God I’d like to meet, as opposed to the image that we see of a God who hates some groups of people and wants some to rule over others. As the apostle John is cited here as putting it, God is Love. How do we keep losing that message? Check this book and you’ll see not only where we get damaging ideas, but what the Bible actually says and exactly where you can reference it out of the Bible.


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