Have you read of the women of Genesis?

I read the Women of Genesis series a while ago, I’m actually a huge fan of the author and some of his other work as well ( like the book of Ender’s Game and even it’s movie:Ender’s Game). It had seemed odd to me that anyone would write a fictionalized account of these women, especially a sci-fi writer. I gave it a chance, though, because I had enjoyed the other books. I have to say, he did it quite well. He took women who were not the focal point of the stories we know them from and he made gave some good perspective. He gave them back stories and their own thoughts and ideas about a story that we were already familiar with. He brought them to life along with all their pain and the way they supported their husbands and the other parts of their lives. He gave them interests and made them interesting on a whole new level.

I  had enjoyed those books and appreciate Card for writing them. I hope to read back through them again sometime soon.

This series has not been the only books to be written about these women, and I’m sure there are documentaries that focus on them a bit. I have found that lots of books have been written about the women of the Bible, good or bad. I get into it and then want to read them all, and then I remind myself that I have a lot of other reading to catch up on first. It’s good to see them getting attention, though they will never be movie material on their own without substantial fictionalizing. It’s nice to see more stories get attention, women or no, than the stories we already know so well. The story of Jesus should always reign supreme when discussing Christian stories. When we tell other stories, though, we should try to diversify a little more. There are a lot more stories in the Old Testament than Noah and Moses. We don’t even make movies about Abraham and he is the father of the Abrahamic religions, of which Christianity is one of them. Why don’t we try to tell a few more stories?

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