Egalitarians, Complementarians, and Other Things That Bore Me

I enjoyed this post. I’d been trying to figure out a way to broach this topic on my own blog. You said everything I’ve been struggling to and some other things that I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

Theism, After Lunch.

From Kathleen Tyler Conklin on Flickr From Kathleen Tyler Conklin on Flickr

Voter turnout was exceptionally low this recent election. There are many explanations for this. But I think many have rightly noted a serious level of apathy among the voting populace, as probably the major contributor. From whence comes this apathy? I’m inclined to say a significant culprit is the current meaningless of political discourse. Our politicians toss empty labels around (‘pro-gun,’ ‘pro-choice,”pro-life,’ ‘pro-woman,’ and the slimiest and most deceptive of all: ‘pro-America’). These labels make it easy to develop ridiculous misrepresentations of the others’ position, and avoid a legitimate discourse. Legitimate discourse is a threat to power, so the politicians do their best to avoid it.

What is interesting to me is how these labels become self-fulfilling prophecies: In order to distance myself from ‘the other’ (the other political party) it is devilishly easy to live up to the meaningless label thrust upon me.

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