Monthly Spotlight

I would like to take a minute to celebrate a man who is making great strides in gender issues!

Andrew Marin is a coauthor of Love is an Orientation and the founder of The Marin Foundation.

According to his book, Marin is abruptly surprised by some of his friends when they “come out” to him. Rather than cut them out of his life immediately, he begins a path that leads to acceptance and bridge building with the LGBTQ community. His foundation is meant to build bridges between the church and every sexual orientation and gender out there. His story of acceptance, patience and self-discovery within faith is remarkable. Marin has taken what could have been a horrible moment in his personal history and turned it into a place of hope for many.

Faith and religion are experienced by people of all orientations and genders. They should not be excluded based on these things. Marin’s foundation is an epic example of what acceptance can do and who it can reach. All people of faith should be reaching their hands out to all people, not excluding people based on what their own culture believes to be the worst or best of sins. I have previously recommended Love is an Orientation and continue to do so here and as I meet people who struggle with this ideal in my own church. It urges members of both communities to stop arguing over whose sin is greater and sit at the table together, and some guidelines for what to do after that.

Thank you, Andrew Marin, for showing us how to be accepting of people, especially those we have put on the fringes of our communities.

I would also like to send out an Honorable Mention to the following people for their contributions to gender equality within their religions:


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