Would you make a deal with the Devil?

I am a HUGE Supernatural fan. HUGE. There are a lot of things that I like about this show, but one of those things is that they seem to go a long way to make their villians and allies women as often as they are men. Okay, maybe not as often, but noticably often. In fact, the original five season story arc had major players from both of the binary genders.

From here there will be spoilers….

My favorite women of Supernatural have been Ruby, Meg, Lilith, Anna, Naomi, Charlie, Jo, and the epic Abaddon. Three of those are demons, two are angels, two are human and last one is a knight of hell. Yes, I said that correctly. Abaddon was a knight of hell and an amazing character.

My favorite men have been (other than the main characters) Bobby, Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Crowley. In this list the first is a human, then two angels, the devil himself, and the king of the post-devil hell.

While the list may even seem a little unequal, the portrayals make up for the descriptions, I promise. Anyway, the point is that there are lots of men and women of all caliber on this show and I can definitely appreciate that every week. They don’t stand on ceremony in gender stereotypes, there have been plenty of women who are hunters, such as both of the above humans. I think one of the few odd disparities that is most noticable is that most of the “crossroads” demons have been women wearing black. It’s well-known in the show that Crowley got his start as a crossroads demon, and many men have protrayed them over the years of the show, but the anonymous ones that are on screen for just long enough to be killed are almost always women. It’s an oddity for the show, not that I’m about to make a big deal out of it. It’s just interesting to me.

Of course that does bring up another deal making devil woman. Do you remember Bedazzled? I always thought that Elizabeth Hurley played an excellent devil within the scope of this movie. Her entire purpose was to make this deal work out and she did it memorably. I’m pretty sure she was the first woman to actually play the devil, but I couldn’t find a straightforward answer on that when I looked. She was the first that I remembered ever seeing. She played the actual devil and not a demon working for the devil, which is where I get the distinction.

There’s a part of me that loves the idea of the seductress style devil, but not necessarily more than Supernatural’s Lucifer or Crowley.

I mean, really, this is an amazing Lucifer and Gabriel. The woman, by the way, is supposed to be Kali. This is my favorite out of the YouTube options of the women:

She starts off the episode as Ruby but is apparently Lilith by this scene. I love how’s she creepy and objectifies Sam.

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2 thoughts on “Would you make a deal with the Devil?

  1. I love supernatural but one thing that bugs me about it has been the unequal representation of men and women. It seems that the bad guys are more likely to be women and/or black, than the good guys. Which of course anyone who doesn’t watch the show needs to keep in mind that angel =/= good guy on the show. Naomi is an angel but certainly cast as one of the bad ones in the show, for example.
    Among women who do get to be the good guys, the seem to die more frequently and sooner than men. See Ellen and Jo.
    Not to mention a lot of the sexist language used seems totally unnecessary at times (the use of “bitch” and the like by demons. I mean, yeah, they are demons, but a lot of the time it just seems thrown in for no valid reason.)

    I love Charlie! Major crush on Charlie actually. *swoon* But she’s also not been in that many shows, and last I saw (I’m not fully caught up and it seems she is coming back- yay!) she was off to Oz for who knows how long. So it feels a bit too early to tell if she will be different in these regards. (Personally, I think we should just get a Charlie spin off show, because I think she is THAT awesome. Better yet a Charlie and Dorothy spin off, assuming the don’t kill of Dorothy :-\ )

    • I’m so with you on the spin-off with Dorothy!
      And thanks for your input on the rest. The representation may not be equal, but I feel like it would be a little forced given the attitude of the show. I’m happy to see a fair presentation of women, though. We don’t always need to be saved and we can do the saving. Or be the bad guy, as you also pointed out.
      The general sexism on the show doesn’t bother me much, though. I find it to be a set up to a woman really kicking their butts sometimes, so it works out for me. I’ll have to look back at those deaths, I never noticed it.
      Thanks again for the comment!

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