Happy Birthday and a pretty busy week

Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

Many of my friends from high school joined the Marine Corps and it is absolutely unavoidable when their birthday comes up. I figured there were probably some Marines around here that could use a happy birthday too.

This will be the first month with a Monthly Spotlight, which will spotlight a person in accordance with the monthly theme and their contributions to gender equality or equity. This month’s theme is religion, so it’ll be specific to religions. As a Christian, I am most aware of other Christians but I am willing to look into anyone suggested. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me in a comment and I will look them up and check them out. I already have a pretty good idea who this month’s spotlight will be on but I also have some honorable mentions of people who are making great strides in their area as well.

So, I’ve seen a bunch on the cat calling video and that theme lately. I want to take a minute to explain a little about the difference between women getting cat called in our culture and men getting cat called.
Even when women cat call in the exact same manner and with the exact same intent, they don’t do it as often. Men experience this phenomenon in nuanced ways outside of “normal” life. Many women, though not all, experience it everyday and in ways that sometimes make us fear for our one safety. Even if a woman or man did this to a man, it wouldn’t have near the same impact on him as when it is experienced beginning before puberty and almost everyday after.

As I read through these books detailing women’s experience in other religions, it really brings home the difference in culture. It’s not that the way they are discriminated or biased against is different so much as the object is different. This makes even bigger differences in the severity.
The severity is directly dependent on how sacrilegious those around them find what they are doing. In the US, you have to be doing something pretty immoral for these kinds of reactions, but I am reading about women who have these experiences in countries where there is a national religion. Also, in US, you can have similar experiences if you do such things actually inside of someone’s church or too outlandishly for the extreme conservatives to ignore. For us, it tends to be the Slut Walk and Gay Pride parades, meanwhile others just want to pray at their holiest of places. It’s very interesting.
At the same time, my heart goes out to all of them. Why do these things cause such rage toward peaceful people?

I watched Madam Secretary for the first time and it was amazing. Lots of women who experience a host of emotions, stand strong, fall apart and have weaknesses. It also showcases a powerful marriage with a supporting husband. While any one of the women I’ve seen so far are great but flawed role models, the husband is a great role model as well as a man who can support a powerful woman without losing his own masculinity or becoming a doormat.

Writing the entertainment posts in theme is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I keep having ideas and then realizing that I am not doing gender justice with the content. It kinda makes me want to scream and give it up. I’m still debating. At the same time, I wouldn’t have otherwise written about the Book of Eli and while it may not become a popular post, I’m still proud of it.

I have also decided to join Amazon Affiliates this week and refer readers directly to where they can purchase the books I’ve done my research through. This may take a while to fully integrate but I always wondered how people got the covers and everything so perfectly on their sites. It’s yet another reminder that I am kind of a baby blogger when it comes to experience.

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