Review of Junia Is Not Alone by Scot McKNight

I have never been to a complimentarian church, but I haven’t heard much teaching on the women of the Bible anyway, except Mary and Mary Magdalene. Junia was a name in the Bible that was new to me, but her name had been there the whole time, right in Romans 16:7. This book also mentions a few other women in the Bible who have been leaders and are mostly undermined, unacknowledged or simply not spoken of. It is true that women are rarely discussed, even in progressive churches that allow women to be leaders today. We don’t do a good enough job in pointing out our women leaders of the past and highlighting the relevance of their struggle to either the church or the congregation. It has been proven in media studies that when girls see themselves represented in certain ways, they are more likely to follow those ways. We should be talking about the women of the Bible, if for no better reason than to show girls that they have a place in God’s plan too.

Whether you just attend church or are a leader in the church, please consider asking this question the next time you are there. Why aren’t we talking about the women in the Bible?

This is a good book, and short. It’s actually more of a long essay, extending to just 40 pages of actually reading and then some references and such. I recommend it to all who are concerned with women’s leadership in the church or just women’s leadership in general or just the church in general. We need to be talking about the women of the church who have come before us, those who have served, those who have led, and those who have otherwise witnessed the Gospel.

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