How does religion dictate life for my gender?

Welcome to November! This month I plan to talk about the way gender and religion relate to each other. This tends to be a bit of hot button, but I think we can get through it.

To me, the problem with gender and where it gets into religious beliefs actually breaks down into how religion is perceived and lived by those who practice it. In order to analyze this, we will break down the discussion into the major pieces of how religion is lived and how each piece relates to gender. These pieces are: our conception of faith, our organization of faith into religions, and the way our cultures effect the first two. These things change over time and they effect change. They move both together and against each other at times. They effect what we believe Divine purposes for our lives to be and the way we enforce those beliefs. They have the ability to be both toxic and healing. Within this framework, these concepts have effected the way we perceive gender within our religions and systems of faith.

Check out my Religion pinboard for more of what I’m following to research this subject!

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