“But won’t SOMEBODY think of the CHILDREN?!”

I’m happy to pass along this message. Sex education has many problems and these are just some of them. I’m grateful for the progress that’s been in this regard, but there’s a long way yet to go. It really deserves a whole mandatory semester of the freshmen year of high school or better integration into “Health” studies. Either way, we need to teach consent, variant genders and sexualities, and so much more that we are ignoring right now.

Feminist Aspie

(TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of sexual abuse, including child abuse. This post may be NSFW [although text-only]. Also, I’m heterosexual and cis, so please feel free to let me know if I’ve messed up in any way with regard to people who aren’t!)

Earlier this week, I came across this great Vice.com article by Cliff Joannu on the massive need for sex education in the UK to acknowledge same-sex relationships. A few minutes later, I came across the comments on the Facebook post that directed me to it. And I started reading these comments. A word of advice – don’t.

Currently, in so many places, what passes for “sex and relationship education” is little more than the biology of penis-in-vagina sex and pregnancy, and if you’re lucky, contraception. Nothing about relationships, nothing about communication, nothing about consent, nothing about any aspects of sex other than PIV, and nothing at all about marginalised sexualities and/or gender identities. This is woefully…

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