Review of The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work and Family by Kathleen Gerson

As the world of women and work has changed, so has the roles of women and men at home. This change effects children in a multitude of ways that appear to culminate in one specific thing as the deciding factor of a families happiness.
This thing may surprise you.

It is gender flexibility. Families that can twist and bend under the strain of change, without resting on gender roles, proved to be the happiest and to have raised children in the happiest of homes.
This book discusses not getting stuck on family forms or structures, which can change often within a single childhood. How does your family change with them?
For an in depth look at how gender flexibility or rigidity effects the American home, read this book. All parents should take a look for a better idea what success at home looks more like for children as the rest of the world changes around our homes.

Drawing on their own experiences, must prefer to stress the quality of a family ‘s bonds and the flexibility of it’s member.

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