There are bad women too

I couldn’t stick with Showtime’s Weeds past the New York season, but it was a fun show to watch. I think one of the best things about it was that Nancy Botwin was a terrible person. She was a bad person in just about every way. She wasn’t the only one though. Most of the women in the show were inherently bad people. Nancy is introduced as a widow turned drug dealer out of necessity but consistently proves that she’s one of the more selfish people on Earth. She’s willing to throw just about anyone under the bus to stay of trouble. Celia Hodes, another main female character in the beginning of the show, is a big bully to her family and everyone around her. She only seems to apologize for it when she’s on verge of bigger problems and pleading for their help. The oldest son has a series of girlfriends that are all bad people for one reason or another. Then there’s Pilar who is no better than any of the rest and a powerful woman in Mexico who spends quite a bit of time working against or threatening Nancy. Even Nancy’s sister is not a particularly good person, but she is the most “normal” of them all. She is not a great wife but seems to be a caring mom when I stopped watching it. Of course, in the three seasons that I didn’t watch, anything could have happened. I just appreciate that they were bad people, and not in a “bad girl” kind of way alone.

Sometimes our entertainment likes to try to convince us that the only kind of bad woman is a slut, and that is all that women do to be bad. Women can’t be murders, drug dealers, rapists. But Weeds remembers that women are people and all people have the potential to be bad. All people have the potential to be selfish, impatient, irresponsible, wreckless, and apathetic. All people can mess up in horrific ways that have bad consequences for everyone else.

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