Some clarity

I have been getting a glimmer of signal that allows me to check up on the blog or do social media. I picked the blog, but a did get to look at Facebook once last night. It’s good to feel normal for a minute. Perhaps next week will be better, but I’ll be home after that.

Until then, my only bit of musing this week is that I truly do hate the ideas of empowering one person by taking away privilege from another. Ths was mentioned in a comment on a post I least week and I have seen it in other places too.
Personally, I hate empowering people. Power isn’t something that is given, it is inherent to us, some people just forget that. But it’s still in those people and is probably wreaking havoc in some unknown way.
More than that, I don’t believe in taking things from people. it didn’t improve your life, it just makes someone else’s life harder. Many privileges are double edged swords and not


wanted by those who have it.

The entire argument irritates me and I know it irritates others. I’m sure it’s why the comment was even made to me last week. I judge wanted to clear up the thought that I endorsed that in any way.


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