October Announcements and such

So I want to take this moment to let you all know that I am going on a bit of a business trip for a few weeks into one of those rare and horrifying places that have relatively no cell reception and absolutely no wifi or internet. That being said, I have prestaged the rest of the month for Wednesday and Friday posts, so they will be posting as scheduled, however this is the last Monday post until I get back, which will probably be just before the November 3rd post.

I will also not be able to do much (if any at all) social media, responding to comments or keeping up with the blogs I follow. It’ll be crazy to catch up on the world when I get back. Last time my job sent me to the middle of nowhere like this, I didn’t have any signal at all, which is depressing and I will be going nuts wondering what’s going in the blogisphere and further. Please have patience with me when I get back as I catch up!

I have, however, set up several Tedtalks to post over my absence that may provide food for thought. Here’s the first one:

I’m trying out a new logo! I hope you all like it! The old one was one of those free downloads and this one was made special for me by my very supportive  and artistic younger brother!

I’ll tell you all what I really love about it. I feel his use of the infinity symbol conveys the gender spectrum as I see it a little better than some of the other pictures I’ve seen online. The thick purple line depicts that merging of traditional masculine and feminine characteristics and they overlap that thread of pink and blue. It really said to me that the merge or neutrality of characteristics overlap rigid stereotypes. And I like how it flares out to the men and women symbols. I’ve seen some that try to include a neutral symbol, but I didn’t think it was really necessary when the base is infinity. To me the infinity symbol itself and the “never ending” meaning of it implies that it goes from the extremes, which are men and women, to all the points between and back out again. I also love that he put the blog’s name right into the icon, even though you can’t see it on all things.

I know it may not be satisfying to everyone, but I loved his idea and am gonna let it ruminate for a bit on the blog site.

While I am totally a proud feminist, but I get so much more excited when searching the terms transgender and gender variant on social media. Is that a bad thing? There just seems to be so much excited energy and movement in those areas right now. I may be a newbie to that side of it and this may go back and forth over the decades, but I see the new laws and policies in the news and get excited. Change may be coming……

But I say that I’m proud, and I feel that way, but I also shy away from telling people about it too much, which totally compromises the notion of pride. I just know that people would treat me differently, like I didn’t know how to have fun or take everything personally that aren’t directed at me or couldn’t take a joke anymore. Not that I shy away from acting like a feminist, just telling people that I’m a feminist. There’s a difference. And they all wonder how I know so much about gender disparity, particularly in the workplace. I makes me laugh a little.

I find myself stealing little moments throughout the day to check on the blog or other related social media. Some days it makes me feel crazy, but most of the time I just recognize that it’s good to be this excited about something. It’s a little blog so far, but it feels great to just get it all out there.

I get so irritated with women’s magazines. I have never felt like a women’s magazine had anything in it that was interesting to me. It always seemed like they were trying to tell me who to be rather than speak to who I am. I used to feel alone in that but that was before all this. Now I know better. It’s quite comforting.

Since beginning this blog, I have read over Proverbs 31 so many times. I believe I first saw it when I read Jesus Feminist and discussed it with my husband. I had felt enraged and disgusted by this image of a woman and couldn’t explain my feelings. I think I have it down now.

The Proverbs 31 woman is no way superficial and it even ends with “charm is deceitful and beauty fades” just so the reader is really sure this has nothing to do with her appearance. Her worth is completely based on her work for her household. I do find it interesting that it’s for her household in most passages and not her husband specifically.

It’s not unattainable. It is not even really the picture of a subservient wife. If you read the whole thing and not just the parts that are quoted most often, it describes a woman who works a lot. This is a time when taking care of a household included making and selling necessary household items and conducting trade. This woman isn’t impossible because of beauty or because she works too much, though she probably does. She’s actually not all that impossible, so much as unrecognizable when she’s right in front of you. She’s happening all the time around us and not being appreciated. She’s being told that she has to prove her worth and ability everywhere she goes and that she needs to return to the house and stay there rather than do good work for the household. The Proverbs 31 woman didn’t stay in the house and tend the children alone. She did work that sounds a lot like the work that modern wives and mothers do in a modern context. Many people might criticize that working moms now have day care and nanny’s and that’s not traditional but the Proverbs 31 woman has servants!

Today’s woman is being called bossy, pushy, selfish and a lot of other things when she is trying to provide for herself and/or household. She is pressured into spending ridiculous amounts of time on appearance because we aren’t listening to the end there where it is acknowledged that beauty and charm have nothing to do with the ability to do good work to be of value. The Proverbs 31 woman is trying to escape the social pressures of today’s world but is being told to put some make up on and look pretty because doing good work isn’t good enough! Help me free her!

Stop calling women pushy, bossy, selfish, superficial when they are just trying to live inside the social constructs of the day and do good work at the same time. Let’s build her up and make other people notice! Let’s try words like dedicated, assertive, selfless and sensible instead.

On another note, the New Testament seems to only talk about spouses together and encourages them to do the same things. There are some translations that don’t go with this idea (ISV uses “fear your husband” but most of the rest use “respect your husband” for example”) and I may be missed something, but I did a search on “husband” and the word was always mentioned alongside “wife”. So that’s just more proof that one of Jesus’s characteristics was most definitely “egalitarian”.

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