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This month is going to be talking about children and what goes on with them and their perceptions of gender roles, stereotypes and rights or limitations put on them. It’s going to be mostly from the Western point of view, but I wanted to share this video also because there are so many children out there who face far worse gender restrictions and demands than mine will in the US. I watched this video for the first time a few months ago, but I wanted to share it here too.

Prior to this year and this blog, I wasn’t a big fan of the word “feminist” either. I didn’t like to be labeled as one, I didn’t like to be associated with the idea that I might be one, but I always wanted gender equality. I was one of those women who believed that feminism was about taking over and being hateful while you did it. Yeah, that’s some feminists. But how are people going to stop seeing it as hateful if they don’t have good AND prominent role models. There are all kinds of good feminist role models, but not enough that are prominent enough to remind people that it is not about hating or leaving anyone out.

Fortunately, there are some very prominent women out there right now identifying as feminists and not being radicals. Hopefully, even more will join this movement.

By the way, this is one of those things that I have grown to love about http://everydayfeminism.com/. They are inclusive and intersectional, even if it’s not a site that is well traveled by those not already labeling themselves as feminists, it still gets the point across that we should be inclusive and intersectional, just in case you didn’t know that when you first stumbled upon the realization that the label could actually be a good thing.

I think my favorite thing about doing these Monday posts is that I can talk about the thing that everyone is talking about without dedicating a whole post to it or going off schedule. I can let people know what I think or that I’m aware of it but I don’t have to derail everything or be yet another of the many people talking about whatever it is. It gives me a little something to brighten my Monday.

Searching masculism was definitely better this week. While there was still the hateful and the stupid comments that didn’t really have anything to do with anything, there was also some people really looking at balancing this inequality. Personally, I believe it takes both to have a say in their arena for equality to get us any closer.
There are legitimate men’s issues, they should be given an equal place to stand without us being pitted against each other. Men’s issues don’t inherently take away from women’s, most of them are just different, like not having better birth control options. Men should have options there and a ne’er pill wouldn’t come at the expense if the options women already have. It would just be personal control over a can’t ability to impregnate someone without surgery or a device that dampens sensation. Why is this not available yet?
Anyway, that’s just an example of have to interfere with what women fight for.

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