Do explain, my allies, but not to me

This is an amazing and beautiful post. I wish I really could find and hug the writer (those who know me know that it is generally my go-to when someone is upset so we would get along great on this one thing at least). Unfortunately, since I can’t hug hir, I’ll have to settle for promoting hirs message.

Note: I’m still working on non-binary pronoun usage, let me know if I did it wrong.

Queer Without Gender

I’m going to tell a story every minority has experienced at some point, an example of one thing that sours what could have otherwise been a good conversation in a fairly safe environment. Now, those who know me in real life, don’t get me wrong: the environments I am currently in are about the safest I’ve ever been in as an out queer who doesn’t do binary gender. I’m incredibly grateful to be in rooms full of outspoken left-wing small-L liberals where I can say what I think and feel with very little negative consequence, and as someone who is both anxious and outspoken (believe me, that combination is insane-making at times) it goes a long way to making me feel comfortable in a world where I think twice about just sending people my new email address or linking people to my blog.

I explained to a group of…

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2 thoughts on “Do explain, my allies, but not to me

  1. Oh, wow. Just wow. Thank you so very much for your kind, wonderful words and the reblog. It’s so intensely gratifying to see this picked up by someone else!

    My pronouns are they/them/theirs/themself (I wrote an essay about how singular they works in English grammar) but I really do appreciate the effort to go beyond assuming a binary gender.

    Cyber hug of gratitude and empathy? 🙂

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