Review of Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community by Andrew Marin and Brian McLaren

Coincidentally, this was recommended to me by my pastor last week. It was a little strange because I don’t think he follows the blog but I had just written about sexual orientation and non-binary people and how I don’t think it matters that much to God, or His purpose for us so much. Whatever your opinions on that, this is a great book to read as a Christian just in case you ever run across a situation where you are bringing an LGBTQIA or otherwise non-binary person to God.

Andrew Marin, founder of the Marin Foundation, simply requests that Christians “elevate the conversation.” He says that it is our responsibility since it usually our community that started it. Maybe he doesn’t put it exactly that way, but that’s how I sum it up. I like the call to elevate the conversation because it doesn’t say to accept this or acknowledge that, it just says to stop bickering because it’s easier. Instead, sit down with the purpose of having a meaningful conversation with someone that has a different belief structure and don’t hammer your point of view as if your end game is for them to be saved on the spot and never be ____ again. Sometimes people will never be saved, and they will often not meet your definition of saved.
He gives some background on himself, then the conversation, and then gives some great advice on how to do just what he has requested. Elevate the conversation. Make it about God and that person’s walk with God and not about how much you want to save them from a life of sin. It was interesting to see just how much time is spent on making sure that you get your own ideals and desires out of your way in order to have a civilized conversation with someone in the LGBT community about God, faith, spirituality and following that path. It was also interesting the way he takes head on the way that many Christians take personal responsibility for that other person’s sin once they have begun the conversation and how much time was spent on making sure that we don’t do that with this.
Honestly, when it comes to evangelizing and talking to people about God and faith, the ideas presented in this book would be good to elevate any conversation with anyone. He never asks you to change what you believe or take sides, the only request is to elevate the conversation and stop throwing mud at each other. It sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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