Welcome back Once Upon a Time

As you know by now, I’m a huge Disney fan and Once Upon a Time uses the Disney versions of the characters and stories and turns them on their heads. There is no character left intact as you once knew them. That’s the fantastic thing about it.

Prince Charming isn’t always charming.

Snow White isn’t always pure and kind.

The Evil Queen loves and saves others.

Captain Hook saves lost boys from Peter Pan because being a child forever actually turns you quite evil sometimes.

What’s even better is that even those who are wicked or evil are not necessarily abused and those who are good did not necessarily grow up in a perfect home. Heartbreak comes to all and good and evil is about what you do when it happens.


What does that mean for all the gender equality this is usually about?

Men don’t live in the man box here

Women aren’t submissive here

Men aren’t always brave, but women can be.

Women aren’t always looking love, but men can be.

Men aren’t always oppressive, but women can be.

Women aren’t always submissive, but men can be.

No one is bad forever, no one is good forever.

It presents a better way to look at the world all the time by making the audience go back and see what brought the evil, the bad intentions, the good, the love, the loved.


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