Is acceptance bigger than the sum of our differences?

I hope you all enjoyed meeting our non-binary friends! I know I have enjoyed discovering and meeting them.

Gender is such a social entity. It’s expression is controlled by our social atmospheres and that is where we learn them. It has been hypothesized that this new attention and awareness of gender non-conformity is because in the virtual/digital age we can more easily separate the physical from the cerebral. We know that our paths are not determined by our anatomy and some have taken it that step further and seen that they cannot be defined by their anatomy either.

This is a brave step for this new generation and new paths to follow are emerging for them. Perhaps they will not have to endure the hatred, ostracizing and violence of their predecessors. I can only hope that they will meet the world with all the acceptance and love that a binary person expects to experience. These paths aren’t perfect and there is a whole host of “reasons” why people experience the negativity of others, but we must work to accept each other. We must work to challenge our own ideas of what is concrete in our world and in our interactions. Love is bigger than gender, sexual orientation and anatomy. The world is bigger than gender, sexual orientation and anatomy. We must stop treating each other like these are the tenets of relation.


I hope you all come with me into October to explore the ways our children see and relate to gender, to see what they learn from us and how we might be able to improve all this for them!


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