Some random things that ran through my head this week


I went to Sunday School this week and discovered a great new chapter of the Bible that I had never read before. It begins with a gender neutral description of the “body of Christ” (gender neutral in my translation, others may be different) and ends with an explanation on loving people, even when they are evil. It got me thinking about this great post I read by an abortion clinic escort. It really frustrates me when people preach hatefulness and shaming as if it were a part of our mission.
The chapter is Romans 12.

Also check out Ephesians 5:21


Reading through the last chapter of Unspeakable Things I came across a bit on the importance of stories and how women are only ever allowed to be love objects. I think its interesting that I never felt that way, even though some of my favorite characters were certainly love objects for other characters. Of course, that doesn’t discredit the truth of the statement, but somewhere in my upbringing that was overshadowed. Maybe its because I watched a lot of sci-fi and superhero stuff where the female wasn’t actually dating the male protagonists. I remember more sexual tension and respectful distance than actual dating or romantic intimacy, like with Dr. Beverly Crusher or Catwoman from the old animated series.

It’s amazing how much I argue with books these days. Of course, the book is never going to argue back, not really. I had a hard time last week with The Myth of Male Power. I wasn’t prepared for it being 21 year old book with 21 year old statistics until I was pretty far into it. It said it right on the cover, so it was my own mistake. I had known going into the Feminine Mystique and the Second Sex how old they were so I wasn’t surprised when the information was no longer true. It’s amazing how much that kind of expectation can taint you perception of how things are going to be. It’s still a good book, but I had to wrestle with that part for a few days before getting back to it with a clear head.

There’s just no way to adequately stress how badly expectations can mess with your head sometimes

Also, I know it has to appear like I like or love every book that I pick up. I just don’t read past the first few pages if it doesn’t really grab my attention in the sample (there are exceptions but not many). Once I’m in it, I just try to adjust expectations of the message as I go along, even going back to these that previously bothered me. This is something we do in the house to minimize arguments. Every book on gender issues, as long as it’s not deliberately offensive, has it’s place here. I’ll probably go back one day and read the books I’m not too interested in now. Maybe. I still feel like I’m playing catch-up on the whole thing.

But I do like the reading. I read a lot as a child and kind of stopped when I got into the working world for long periods of time. This happened with writing too. Then suddenly this flood came back in February and I can’t seem to do enough of either. It’s like all these ideas are clamoring to get out of my head now.

It was recommended to me to read this fabulous book that straightens out all those conflicting emotions about how sexual orientation and acceptance that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Its called Love Is An Orientation by Andrew Marin. Check it out!


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