Introducing Non-Binary people to the Binary population!

The final question that may arise in this conversation about the gender variant is probably: Ok, so who are these people?

Allow me to introduce you to some of them:

And don’t forget to check out these websites and blogs!

Transcending Gender Project This is a site with some beautiful photography of transgender and gender-nonconforming people.

Series of Questions Project



Practical Androgyny

Queering the Nerd


Tarnished Sophia

Also check out Fragments of Gender: Anatomy is not Destiny by Lisa Lees is a first person account of being transgender, transitioning and still feeling gender variant

They are people. They may not be a huge percentage of our population, but even one person does not deserve the treatment that gets reserved for those who don’t fall solidly in the binary genders. They deserve acceptance, love, rights and everything else that the binary genders do. Become their ally.


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4 thoughts on “Introducing Non-Binary people to the Binary population!

  1. Thanks for the link-back and also for the collection of links, it feels wonderful to know I’m not the only one who finds gender incredibly confining.

  2. Fantastic videos. Just because they aren’t the majority of people doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect and acceptance. They are who they are. Why should that change to fit society?

    I sometimes wonder if people get so angry at those who identify as a non-binary gender because they themselves don’t have the courage to break from their bonds. Even a straight, white, Christian man may wish he could express feelings or cry at the movies, but won’t because of the pressure of society. Perhaps that person is jealous someone has the courage to not only cry at the movies, but go even farther beyond the box society places them in.

    • I’ve actually heard some guys say “Why can’t they just conform and be miserable like the rest of us.” So, yeah, I’m pretty sure some of the resentment comes from their own inabilities to go beyond their gender norms. Some people get so ingrained in them that it’s hard to not be offended when someone doesn’t want to be that way, but a lot of people are trying to break free too.

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